Profile Editor

The Profile Editor allows you to select commands from drop down lists that are written directly into profile.xml, config.xml or external script files.  The editor neatly organizes all the ComScript commands in to the left of the editing window and avoids the aggravation of syntax and formatting errors.  You can select from a variety of preformated commands and write scripts in just a few minutes!

Using the editor

 - Select the Profile Editor from under the Tools menu.

 - Save the file or open an existing file.

 - Peruse the list of commands on the left.  Commands are organized by function and often one command is listed with various attribute configurations.

 - Use the mouse to position the cursor on the open line where you will write a command.

 - Insert a command into the page by clicking on a command from the list on the left.

 - The command will be written where the cursor was located or at the beginning of the next line.  Edit each attribute value inside the quotation marks to your desired value (e.g. change var="MyVar" to var="FreezerTemperature")

 - If an attribute was not include in the version of the command you selected, click on that command in the editor window and the list of available attributes will appear above the list of commands.

 - Delete unnecessary attributes.

 - Continue adding commands to build your profile.

 - Subscript templates can be added under the Profile Setup heading.

 - External script files and the config.xml file can be added from the Templates section.  Be sure to save your work before replacing the file your working on. 

CAUTION: The editor is a great way to build profiles, but we strongly urge you to utilize the command reference (under the help menu), the supplied examples and this manual to maximaize your success with ComScript.