Data Interface

The ComScript Data Interface (DI) is a very powerful way for users to interact with a running application (profile).   Variables that are initially defined in the config.xml file, can be edited data interface while the program is running. This is very useful in lab experiments when an temperature threshold, mathematical multiplier, motor speed, etc. needs to be changed.  It is also useful to just display text data values.  To allow variables to be edited in the DI set the editable attribute in the config.xml file to True (editable="True").  If the variable are only to be displayed, set editable to false (editable="False").

The config.xml file must be loaded in the profile with the loadvars command (<loadvars file="config.xml" type="file" />) in either the header portion of the profile, or in the "StartUp" script.  The StartUp script (<script name="StartUp"> only runs one time on the first iteration of the profile so config.xml values will not be reset to the config.xml values on each profile iteration when loaded in the StartUp script.  If the confilg.xml varables are loaded in the header area of the profile, they will be reloaded each time the profile iterates (loops).

To access the data interface, either check the 'Open data interface when profile begins' box or select it under the tools menu after the profile begins. 

Example Config.xml file:

  <var name="i" value="0" visible="True" editable="False" />
  <var name="num1" value="1" visible="True" editable="True" />
  <var name="num2" value="2" visible="True" editable="True" />
  <var name="limit" value="10" visible="True" editable="True" />
  <var name="result" value="0" visible="True" editable="False" label="num1*num2"/>
  <var name="Evaluation Switch" value="0" editable="true" final="false" visible="true" label="check to evaluate condition" inputtype="checkbox" />
  <var name="condition" value="" visible="True" editable="False" />

ComScript Data Interface