What is ComScript

ComScript was developed to provide a powerful, yet easy to understand, automated device communication tool.   It uses a straight forward programming language and desktop application for PCs that simplifies the automated control of instruments, relay boards,  and various devices.   Don't be afraid of the "programming" part; a ComScript purchase include lots of examples and free tech support, so if you're new to programming we're just a phone call or email away.   We also designed ComScript to be very easy to understand and write, but still have the power and flexibility of a programming language - so none of the limitations associated with text box type communication software.

ComScript is very light on processor resources and memory, which results in stable applications that run for months without interruption.  With intuitive text commands, two way communications can be easily scripted with multiple devices that are connected to your PC.  Data from these connected devices can be easily collected into variables and written to a file with time stamps and comments.  ComScript includes conditional and mathematical expressions, email functions, file transfer commands and a host of other commands to support the collection, processing, and dissemination of data.   Programs called profiles, can also call external executable programs (e.g. data plotting programs, statistics software, operating system functions, etc.) to interface with existing software or systems.

Live data can be viewed and edited in the Data Interface while the profile is running so that you can change program settings (alarm thresholds, motor speeds, intervals, etc.) without stopping your application.

Important:  You don't need to be an experienced programmer to get going in ComScript.  Take a read through the manual and run some of the examples to see how easy it is.  If you get stuck, Green Eyes' support staff is at the ready to get you moving again!

Download Tips: We suggest creating a dedicated 'ComScript' folder to unzip the download into so that all the necessary files are in a tidy place -  Unzip to C:\ComScript.   As always, if you have any trouble just let us know and we'll get you going ASAP!  It does not need to be stored under your program files folder or on a particular drive.  Although, the location does need to be read-writable, so do not try to run ComScript from a CD.  Some users load more than one ComScript package on a PC to organize multiple profiles for different projects, which is perfectly allowable.  ComScript does not use a windows installer.